What happens when quotas for APC waivers are all utilised?

Answered By: Research Support (LIB)
Last Updated: 01 Feb 2024Views: 4

Transformative agreements vary depending on the business strategies of publishers. Some publishers impose a quota on APC waivers for publishing open access papers for each institution. Hence, when the quotas for APC waivers are fully utilised within a given year, no further waivers will be available until the next calendar year within our licensing period with the designated publisher. However, researchers still have the following options to make their articles open access:

  1. Deposit in PolyU Institutional Research Archive (PIRA): Researchers can publish their articles without the open access option and deposit the final accepted manuscripts in PIRA. Learn more about OA Archiving and how to deposit your work in PIRA.
  2. Self-funding: Researchers can choose to pay the APCs themselves using their research funding (if available) to publish their articles with the open access option.