How booking quota is counted in the iBooking System?

Answered By: Systems and Digital Services (LIB)
Last Updated: 17 Jul 2023Views: 88

All booked time sessions with Booked/Claimed/Finished/No-show status will be counted in the Daily Quota, as well as the Weekly Quota (from Monday to Sunday). The booking quotas for Library facilities will vary depending on the Facility Type. For details, please see the table here.

To check the quotas in use over the week, you can log in the iBooking System, view your booking records at “My Booking Record”, select “Search” button, then input the start date and end date to list the related records. For example, if the current date is 2023-8-1 (Tue), the weekly quota will count from 2023-7-31 (Mon) to 2023-8-6 (Sun).