In a group project, I completed my part with some references inserted in the paper. How can I share those references with my teammates?


The simplest way to let your teammates have your references is using Export Traveling Library function.

You can extract references from a Word document and import back to EndNote library, provided that the references in the Word document are inserted by EndNote (with field codes). This is helpful especially when you   are doing a group project, and you wish to extract the references (inserted by your teammates) from Word document to your EndNote library. The steps are listed below:

  1. Switch to EndNote 20 tab in the Word document in which citations are inserted by EndNote.

  1. Expand the pull-down menu from Export to EndNote.
  1. Select Export Traveling Library.

  1. Decide if you wish to import those references into your existing EndNote library or into a new EndNote library.


If you wish to co-edit references with your teammates, an alternative way is to share your EndNote library (including references, PDFs, and annotations) with your teammates. Please refer to Share References for details.


For more details, please refer to our online guide for EndNote

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