All of my newly inserted citations are displayed in the format of {Author, Year #No.} in Word document. What can I do?


This may be due to broken linkage between your EndNote library and the Word document. Try steps below: 

  1. Launch both of your EndNote library and the Word document, and switch to EndNote 20 tab in MS Word.
  2. Click on Update Citations and Bibliography.


If the steps provided above do not work, please make sure your Word document does not contain any track changes, and then double check the following setting:


  1. In EndNote, click on Edit. (For Mac user, click on EndNote next to the apple icon).
  2. Select Preferences... to open EndNote Preferences window.
  3. Click on Temporary Citations on the sidebar.
  4. Make sure the Temp Citation Delimiters are set as { and }.
  5. In MS Word, click on Update Citations and Bibliography in EndNote 20 tab.

  For more details, please refer to our online guide for EndNote.  

EndNote Tab